Thursday, September 27, 2007

Favorite Blogs

I have not created a Blogroll but I thought I let you know which blogs I review daily. By the way, if are not a blog reader or if you simply go to them separately from your favorites menu, you might want to consider using bloglines which is free. I find it an efficient way to access my favorite blogs.

Each day I first look to see if Richard Silverstein has posted anything about the conflict in Israel/Palestine on Tikun Olam - Make the World a Better Place. He seems to have an extraordinary network and an ability to gather facts from a variety of sources as well as a thoroughly compassionate and passionate belief in social justice.

Although there are very few articles posted on this blog, I do look at Pro-Jewish, Pro-Arab, Pro-Peace to see if Andrew Schamess, Steffi Schamess or Brad Brooks-Rubin have written anything because almost all of their posts are well-written and thoughtful.

Next is Philip Weiss writing as Mondoweiss. One of his recurrent themes is based on him identifying himself as an assimilated Jewish person. While I am still reading The Israel Lobby, I appreciated greatly the articles he has written about the Walt/Mearsheimer book stressing the importance of having open and free discussion about "The Israel Lobby" and its influence on US foreign policy such as "Further Evidence That Walt & Mearsheimer Have Opened Floodgates..." as well as this one "Let Us Praise the Greatest Mensch Who Walks the Earth. Henry Siegman"

Dennis Fox doesn't post often but I enjoy reading what he has to say on his blog. Dennis says, "Much of my academic work addresses the interconnections between psychology, law, and justice. Using a perspective within critical psychology, I'm especially concerned about mainstream psychology's support for an unjust status quo." His current interest is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

I also quickly scan "Israel Palestine Blogs (Israeli-Palestinian Peace Blog Aggregator)" for interesting articles. The home page has a blogroll of other blogs you might want to review.

For an in-depth analysis of what is happening in politics (mostly about Iraq and domestic issues, and only occasionally about Israel/Palestine) there is nothing better than Daily Kos. (What follows is primarily from Wikipedia.) Daily Kos was founded by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (Kos from the last syllable of his first name) in 2002. About a dozen contributing editors provide content for the site. Daily Kos has an average weekday traffic of about 600,000 visits, and has between 14 million and 24 million visits per month. Its ads focus mostly on activist causes, media, and political candidates. Daily Kos members are referred to as Kossacks, a pun on Cossacks. Some of the contributors familiar to me are: BarbinMD (Barbara Morrill); Darksyde; Devilstower (Mark Sumner); Hunter (Michael Lazzaro); Kagro X (David Waldman); mcjoan (Joan McCarter) ; Meteor Blades (Timothy Lange); MissLaura (Laura Clawson); Trapper John (Jake McIntyre).

I have subscribed to many others on Bloglines but I just do not devote the time required to review them. Should you want more suggestions for blogs about Judaism, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Iraq, domestic issues, abuse of executive powers by the Bush administration, etc., ask me for what you would like in a comment.

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