Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fools Day

April Fool's Day Thoughts

I just returned from the JCC where I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill at 4.1 - that works out to 2 miles - I do this every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. My daughter in law is coming here to run the Boston Marathon in two weeks. I told her that I too am a marathoner running 26 miles (2 miles thirteen times a month. I wore my favorite t-shirt to the gym - there is a photograph entitled "Geronimo" with him and three of his warriors in traditional battle garb with their rifles. Above the picture it says "Homeland Security". Below the picture it says "Fighting Terrorism since 1492."

Joan took a class on Titus Andronicus at the local life-long learning institute in which she is active and we are going to see a live performance of it in the Garage in Harvard Square. I did not read the play but have read a summary of it - 14 killings, 6 severed members, 1 rape, 1 live burial, 1 case of insanity and 1 of cannibalism. I can't imaging how a play written over 400 years ago about a time 2000 years ago can possibly have any relevance to the world in which I am living. When someone asked me a year ago about the solution to our national nightmare, I said I had the answer - the resignation of the President and the Vice-President of the United States. Joan thought that to be ridiculous. With the on-going recent revelations (Walter Reed, the firing of the US Attorneys, the presentations at the GSA Administrator's office) I am more and more convinced that this is realistic. All it will take will be the recognition by we, the people, the media and our elected officials that this administration should not be allowed to remain in office.
Has anyone read the American Jewish Committee ad that appeared on the Boston Globe op-ed page on Wednesday, March28, 2007. In part it says that Israel stands apart and that "Three consecutive Israeli prime ministers have called for a two-state agreement with the Palestinians. Sadly, it has not yet come to pass. Still, Israel keeps striving for peace. Israel We are proud of her." Such advertising is so misleading and deceptive. Of course, the Israeli government wants peace. What the ad (as well as many Jewish people as well as the Soon to be Former President and Vice President of the United States) ignores is that there can be no peace without justice . As usual, the ad is saying is that we could have peace if only those Palestinians who live in the West Bank and Gaza would ignore the illegal and immoral 40 year old occupation, the terrible living conditions, the poverty, the humiliation, the human rights and civil rights violations, the 120 illegal settlements would stop reacting violently. What part of Deutoronomy 16:20 where it says Justice, Justice Shalt Thou Pursue does the American Jewish Committee not understand??!!
That kind of thinking is the reason for my sending this message to the Barack Obama campaign through its website where it asks for any policy questions. "On March 24th, I sent a Comment through your Contact Us page which is reprinted below. I have now received three requests for donations from the campaign so I assume that a response to my message adding me to a campaign listserve. I do not object to that but do again request that I be contacted to discuss the Senator's views on the Israel/Palestine conflict. On March 14 I sent a message substantially as follows through the campaign website and to Senator Obama’s office website. I am Jewish and have been active in the Jewish community for most of my 67 years. (For my involvement, you can go to After reading Dreams from My Father, I was so impressed with Senator Obama I purchased the Audacity of Hope. Just as I was about to start the Chapter “Values”, I read the senator’s speech to AIPAC at its Policy Forum in Chicago on March 2. What he said so disturbed me, I have been unable to pick the book up again. Could someone who is an adviser on his Israel/Palestine policy (Mark Lippert?) please call me at 781-639-2322 to discuss this issue further? Coincidentally, I was the Public Interest Adviser at Harvard Law School for part of the time Senator Obama was a student there.
The day after I sent this, I met with five friends of mine since we were in college – Class of ’60 - for breakfast with the only agenda item being the candidacy of Senator Obama. I mentioned my concern and some at the table thought that my description of his talk, if accurate, was inconsistent with what they believe to be his values and principles. I recently wrote to them noting that it had been seven days and no one connected with Senator Obama had contacted me about this issue. As a disappointed veteran of George McGovern’s and Fred Harris’ presidential campaigns, I would like to see this campaign shed the influence of groups that have an agenda that I believe is not in the public interest. I look forward to hearing from someone at your earliest convenience.

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