Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fighting Anti-Judaism in Hebron Part 1

Today is Day 14,250 of the Maintenance of the Immoral (and Illegal) West Bank Settlements and almost the 40th anniversary of the start of the immoral (and illegal) occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

Micah.6:8 “He has told you, O man, Only to do justice and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God

Rabbi Levinger (such an oxymoron) in 1968 decided that God had promised the Jewish people the West Bank in the Torah and through fraud and deceit began to squat on land in Hebron. The Israeli government's lacked the courage to evict them. Thus began the 40 year illegal and immoral transfer of Jewish squatters into settlements in the West Bank.

Since Rabbi Levinger, like Joshua I, believed he had been promised the land by God, he and his followers seem to have, over the years, convinced themselves that they could adopt the tactics of Joshua - theft, violence, and murder. They can try to convince us they are holy because they rely on the Torah but the reality is that they are simply violent thugs who hate almost everyone.

Here is an entry dated August 1995 from the Christian Peacemakers Team's Hebron Chronology 1995-2001 at "The team spends much of the month visiting and increasing their visibility on Dubboya Street. They become particularly involved with the family of Shakir Da'na, whose house is stoned three-four times a week by his neighbors: settlers in Kiryat Arba. Work includes talking with Israeli police and the military, and connecting Shakir with Israeli legal help and journalists. The team proposes that they spend a night on Shakir's roof or on the hillside inside Kiryat Arba from where the stones are usually thrown, but Shakir refuses to allow the team to put themselves at risk in this way.”

In a perversion of "This Land is My Land", the Jewish Israeli squatters continued to invade and take over land in the Hebron area. Take a look at this excerpt from the "Jewish Israeli residents of Hebron" website from 20012001 (?) From the website of the Jewish Israeli residents of Hebron ( “What is Tel Rumeida – Tel Rumeida is the Arab name for the Jewish neighborhood called Admot Ishai, or Tel Hebron. This is the site of Biblical Hebron, home of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Fascinating excavations have revealed artifacts over 4000 year old! Today seven families live in this neighborhood, in caravan (trailer) homes. Construction of permanent housing is underway. (bolding supplied)"

What follows in not difficult to predict. Here is more from the May 2001 Christian Peacemakers Team Hebron Chronology “Palestinian residents of Tel Rumeida are harassed by Israeli soldiers and concerned about expansion of the adjacent Israeli settlement. On May 7, team members visit a doctor who reports that soldiers stationed on his rooftop throw garbage into his yard, and they have poured urine on the family’s clothes drying on the roof. He says the soldiers attacked and beat him on April 25, and the army refused to take his complaint. The Israeli high court in Jerusalem issues a stop work order on settler apartments under construction over an archaeological site on Tel Rumeida. However, on May 24, Adas, Holmes and Montgomery document construction still in progress."

There goes the neighborhood!!

It is critical to point out that what Rabbi Levinger and the Jewish people who follow him are doing is despicable. It is ironic that some would try to tar as anti-Semitic those who condemn the Jewish Hebron squatters, these living symbols of anti-Judaism, whose actions are so contrary to the core values of Judaism.

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