Monday, October 15, 2007

Why The Israel Lobby Does Not Want Open Discussions

Thanks to Richard Siverstein of Tikun Olam who in this post gives "Thanks to Magnes Zionist for this alternately horrifying and fascinating post about the ways in which Occupation bureaucrats manipulate and exploit Israeli law to further the ends of subjugating the Palestinian people. He ends his post with an amazing Times of London obituary of Plia Albeck, who was Israel's chief government lawyer dealing with settlements and land issues in the Territories."

What you learn from this article is why it is critically important to The Israel Lobby to prevent any open discussion about what is happening in the Occupied Territories - why the Israel Lobby plays so loose and fast by throwing mudpies called "anti-semite, anti-Zionist, anti-Israel" at anyone who dares to criticize the Government of Israel (GOI). Some of the actions of the GOI and some of the ways in which the law has been perverted by agents of the GOI to oppress the Palestinians are absolutely unbelievable and disgusting!!!!

If The Israel Lobby were to let down its guard and the American public began to see the full extent of the brutality of the GOI, who knows what might happen - probably a viable Palestinian State and a just peace.

And thanks to Philip Weiss for this post questioning whether the Committee for Accuracy(?) in Middle East Reporting in the Media (CAMERA) - will supply "context" in its upcoming conference on Jewish Defamers of Israel.

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